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Extensive Technical Assistance

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Circuit Board - Technical Assistance

PCBs & Hydraulics

Much of DGO Technologies is centered on our production of quality printed circuit boards. Of course, DGO's technical expertise doesn't stop there. You can come here for help with pneumatic and hydraulic systems as well as control systems.

Design & Manufacturing

Do you have an idea you'd like to turn into a reality, or an existing product you simply want improved? DGO Technologies does it all from state-of-the-art design services right through to product manufacturing.

More about DGO Technologies

Joseph Di Gioseffo is the owner of DGO Technologies in Sudbury, Ontario, where you can find the technical assistance you need. With years of experience, Joseph's range of technical skills is valuable in producing virtually any type of product. You can count on him and his team to take care of all necessary logistics, as well as engineering, manufacturing, and production.

Owner's Mission Statement

I have a natural technical ability to solve issues. If I see something, I can take it and make it better.

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