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Quality Printed Circuit Boards

DGO Technologies is known for making high-quality printed circuit boards in Sudbury, Ontario. Of course, DGO can also integrate other systems into your product or design. Some of the most common systems and services Joseph Di Gioseffo and his team offers, aside from circuit boards, are:

• Flow Sheets
• PLC & DCS Programming
• Building Pneumatic & Hydraulic Control Systems
• HMI Design
• Enclosures for End Products (Complete with Your Logo and Documentation)
• P&I Drawings
Circuit Board - Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Joseph and his team have the ability to assist in any step of your development process from the ground up. If you want to design your own circuit but don’t have the layout of the boards, the part number, or the shape, just send Joseph your schematics, and he will create a custom board for you. Joseph also offers reverse engineering of discontinued circuit boards and components.

Contact Joseph for more about printed circuit boards and other services.